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Mobdro for Mac : So, are you here to download Mobdro on your Mac and IOS? then you are at the right place as here I am going to share the step by step guide to download and use Mobdro app on your Mac.

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Most of us are TvOholic; we always watch TV shows, Movies. In our free time, right? So, what can one do who does not have a cable connection or the one who does not want to have a cable connection? Can he take an initiative of internet connection, right? What else can he do rather than watching the show on an online streaming application? He cannot look at it then, Right? However, there are many extra things that you should note:

  1. Most of the TV shows are not available on video streaming sites.
  2. Most of the TV shows and movies are paid once, so, you cannot watch it for free.
  3. Most of the online streaming sites buffer a lot, which makes it very annoying.

There are several reasons one cannot watch his favorite TV shows for free on the internet.

So, Now what can you do to look at it with you internet connection for free? The simple answer, if you want to enjoy for free, then Mobdro is for you.

mobdro fo mac


So, what is Mobdro?

Mobdro app is an online video streaming application available for any Android gadget running Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or above.

Features you should know when you buy a year plan of Mobdro:

  • The use will be entirely ad free. You will not see any advertisements completely the interface.
  • You will be allowed to download your beloved serials so that you can see them offline, saving a significant amount of data if you are that person who tends to look at a particular episode again and again.
  • You will get Chrome cast assistance and thus will be able to stream content instantly to your television if you are a buyer of Chrome cast.
  • You will also get a snooze timer feature along with the premium pack.

Overview of Mobdro:

Mobdro has to offer many features, if you are a premium buyer, you get more lot of features, though it is not recommended to do you can still upgrade to a premium plan to gain more access to its features. Anyhow, I am sharing everything Mobdro has to offer you.

  • News: It has to offer you with all the sort of news channels.
  • Channels: There is a good no. of channels available; it means that it shows all the channels.
  • Shows: This also gives you a brief look at the different shows available.
  • Movies: This shows all the movie channels available.
  • Sports: This shows all the sports channels (I know most of them are your favorite!), available everywhere in the application.
  • Music: This also shows all your favorite music channels which you probably love to watch every day.
  • Gaming: I know that most of you are gamers, so, let me inform you that this app has to offer you with many gaming channels too.
  • Animals: This shows the channels which demonstrate the habitat of the wild animals.
  • Tech: This displays the technology channels accessible.

It has to show many more, but, for you, this is enough for now.

Heading to how you can install it on your Mac!

Mobdro for macbook air and pro:

How to Install Mobdro on MAC?

To install Mobdro for Mac you will need to follow the below steps in order to get succeed.

  • First you need to download the software called Bluestacks App Player on your Windows or Mac Computer.
  • Now find the downloaded Bluestacks setup file & install on your device, then launch it.
  • Now download the Mobdro Apk file latest version from the attached link.
  • Find the downloaded file on your personal computer.
  • Double click to install or do right click and select open with Bluestacks installer.
  • Wait until it gets install, I think it may take around 10 to 30 sec to install.
  • That’s it, now the Mobdro app almost installed. Open the app & enjoy.

In conclusion, I would like to inform you that, you have successfully installed Mobdro on your Mac. So, What I would like to tell you again are you should follow my steps and try to buy the premium plan of it to enjoy it.

Updated: February 17, 2017 — 2:40 pm


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  1. We need mobdro free tv live

    1. the mobdro is not running on my Mac Pro when i open it blank out ..what can i do to get it to works

      1. Graeme Patterson

        Mine does exactly the same Kelvin Kelley. When I click the Mobdro app in Bluestacks, it reverts to the channels screen.

        1. Try again with the new version of mobdro 🙂

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