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MOBDRO App Review : How to Download & Use Android PC


Mobdro App Review : If watching video content online, is what you do throughout every day, then you must have known that most of the online streaming services which offers quality content, comes at a cost which includes Netflix and Hulu Plus. Although, there are free streaming services like YouTube, for example, we cannot watch premium television series like Simpsons on the platform. Therefore, at the end of the month, you tend to spend a lot of money towards these array of services, which you could spend in some other more useful way. This is where Mobdro Application for Android kicks in. Checkout about how to use Mobdro App.

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Mobdro app


Mobdro application is available for any Android operating system running Android Version 4.1 (Jellybean) or above and the application is also minimalistc and clean throughout its user interface. Mobdro also comes in a low size of just 20 mega bytes and offers quite a lot of functionality without paying a single penny. There is still a “Premium” version of this application for more advance users for which you just need to pay a nominal amount of just 2.99 Euros for the whole year! Paypal is accepted by Mobdro as a mode of transaction.

How to install Mobdro apk?

In order to install Mobdro apk on your mobile device, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Mobdro for Android is not yet available on the Google Play Store and therefore you will need to sideload the application. In order to do that, you just need to go to your settings, tap on “Security”, scroll down and check “Unknown Sources”. Your device will ask you to confiirm. Tap on Okay in order to proceed.

2. Click here to download mobdro apk directly from the official website of Mobdro.

3. Install the application on the device. Just tap on the downloaded application and click on “Next” and then Install in order to install the application.

Now, you have successfully installed the application on your device! Enjoy!

Mobdro Demo

The application Mobdro comes with a wide array of features for the user to enjoy. The home screen is simple and clean where all your “Favorites” and “Recently Accessed” shows are shown. All the content available through the application is categorized into the following categories:

Mobdro Available Channel List:

1. Channels : This shows all the TV channels.

2. News : This shows the news channels.

3. Shows : This gives a brief look into the different shows available.

4. Movies : This shows all the movie channels available.

5. Sports : This shows all the sport channels available throughout the application.

6. Music : This shows all the music channels.

7. Gaming : This shows all the live gaming channels.

8. Animals : This shows the channels which shows the habitat of the wild animals.

9. Tech : This shows the technology channels available throughout the application.

10. Podcasts : This shows all the latest podcasts.

11. Spiritual : This shows all the spiritual and religious channels.

12. Others : This includes all the channels which cannot be put in the other categories available.

You also have an option to search from within the application to access your preferred content easily. Inside settings, you can tweak between a couple of settings throughout the different options provided such as, “Downloads”, “Update”, “Search”, “Player” and “Content”. Most of the settings are basic ones, like enabling parental mode or toggling between hardware and software decoder.

Following, are the features you get if you go premium :

1. The application will be totally ad free. You will not see any ads throughout the interface.

2. You will be allowed to download your favorite serials so that you can watch them offline, conserving a large amount of data if you are that person who tends to watch a single episode over and over again.

3. You will gain Chrome cast support and thus will be able to stream content directly to your television if you are an owner of Chrome cast (1st or 2nd Generation)

4. You will also get a sleep timer feature along with the premium pack.


Overall, Mobdro is a must have for any online video content consumer out there and comes at around 20 Mega Bytes supporting all Android devices running Android Version 4.1 (Jellybean) or above.

Updated: February 17, 2017 — 1:37 pm

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